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The last post was about identifying groups to build a political base so as to enact a plan for Pike County’s future. Part of that future has to be building coalitions. The easiest coalitions to imagine are the ones with our neighboring counties.

©Don Brown 2011

Returning to the vision of building a recreation industry based on the Flint River, I mentioned that Upson County evidently has a plan for Sprewell Bluff. I feel certain they would welcome any increased usage of that park generated by Pike County. In other words, Upson would love to have hungry and thirsty kayakers/canoeists/fishermen end their day’s adventure at restaurants in their county, after having entered the river at a point in Pike County. Assuming we could all find a way to work together, it would give us a coalition working for a common goal at the State capitol instead of just our own State Senator and Representative.

Speaking of which, do you know who your State Senator is? That would be Senator Ronnie Chance — District 15.

Your State Representative is Billy Maddox — District 127 (He’s not running for re-election so he only has a short time left in office.) In addition, we have also had our District redrawn so, we will now be District 131 and Johnnie Caldwell (R- Thomaston) will be your new State Representative come November.

Here’s a thought for you. You now have an idea of what I envision for Pike County’s future. But it isn’t a real plan. This is just a thought exercise, remember? It isn’t the Democratic plan and it isn’t really my plan (although I’ve had fun putting it together.) These are the guys that are supposed to have the real plan — Senator Chance and Representative Maddox (or Representative-elect Caldwell). Where is it? What is their vision for Pike County and the rest of their district?

I can’t find any web site for Mr. Caldwell.

Representative Maddox’s web site doesn’t tell me much. Not that it matters now.

You can visit Senator Chance’s State web page but it won’t tell you anymore than Representative Maddox’s web page. You would think there would be a plan — at least a vision for our future — at his campaign web page. But all I can find is political pablum. It’s Republican political pablum, but pablum nonetheless.

I’m not in charge. The Democrats aren’t in charge. These guys are. Why don’t you know who they are and what they plan to do for Pike County?

While you think on that, I heard a story just this morning that bears a lot of relevance (not to mention semblance) to the plan I’ve outlined on this blog. Notice the date of the story. I started outlining this “plan” long before this story came out. That’s the thing about planning. Once you start thinking about one, all sorts of things jump out at you. It makes you wonder if the guys you just voted for actually have a plan.

©Don Brown 2011

40 years later, ‘Deliverance’ causes mixed feelings in Georgia

“Billy (the boy with the banjo in the movie) didn’t make a lot from “Deliverance,” but Rabun County did. Before the movie came out, the number of people who visited the Chattooga (River) was in the hundreds. Afterwards, it was in the tens of thousands. Rafting is now a $20 million industry here and tourism is the area’s number one source of revenue.”

Can you believe it’s been 40 years? (Focus people, focus.) “…the area’s number one source of revenue.” Are you still with me? Think on this part.

“Then-governor Jimmy Carter established a film commission in Georgia after “Deliverance” came out.  And since then, the state’s become one of the top five production destinations in the U.S. And it’s not just movie money that’s been drawn to this part of the state, it’s people with money. These days, million-dollar vacation homes line the shores of the area’s lakes.”

I find it ironic that so many people are willing to bad mouth Jimmy Carter and here — in the space of this little discussion — we are reaping the benefits of two things I (and I assume you) didn’t even know he had done — save the Flint from a dam and start a film commission. I hope the thought that President Carter was a Democrat crosses your mind. And the fact that “Rectify” has been shooting scenes in Pike County recently.

©Don Brown 2011

Tourism…number one source of revenue…million-dollar vacation homes…the film industry. Do you see how the citizens of Pike County could keep Pike rural and green (just like they want it) but still provide a good home with good jobs for their children? The work of accomplishing this (I’m sure) would be hard but the vision is easy to see. If you live in Pike County you just voted for all sorts of Republicans in all sorts of positions. What is their vision for Pike County? I bet you don’t know. That is the problem with a one-Party county — you don’t have a choice. Not a real one, anyway. And the people you elect don’t have to tell you what their vision for our future is.

We’re the Democratic Party of Pike County. Come join us. Help us give Pike County a choice — a real choice — for the future.

Don Brown — Chairman
The Democratic Party of Pike County
August 23, 2012