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Georgia won’t turn blue without some green. If you’re a Democrat you know there aren’t enough Democrats in Pike County, Georgia for you to ignore this message. We need your help. Yes you. You know there is no one else to step up to the plate. Either you donate or it won’t get done.

We’ve tried to make it easy to help. You can write us a check and send it to our P.O. Box. We’d much rather have you show up at our regular monthly meetings (2nd Thursday of the month) and drop 5 bucks in the hat like the rest of us. Let me say that again — we’d much rather have your help than your money. But if you can’t show up, you can still help. Donate.

We now have a PayPal account up and running. If you donate, the money goes to the Democratic County of Pike County. We’ll use it for building up our Party in our County. We have expenses like any other organization — mail, office supplies, traveling expenses, etc. Bumper stickers cost money. So do yard signs. If you help, we’ll get them. If you don’t, we won’t.

So, if you know what PayPal is, please click on the button and send us a donation. Five dollars would be just fine. Anything more would, of course, be welcome. Our attending members drop five dollars in the hat every month. We’d love for you to do the same. It’s that little bit of money that keeps us afloat — that keeps us operating. If you can’t make the meetings, please come back and hit the “donate” button again next month.

If you don’t know how to use PayPal, the old-fashioned way still works. Send us a check.

Mail your check to:

The Democratic Party of Pike County
P.O. Box 1086
Zebulon, GA 30295

Or Donate via PayPal




I don’t want to overlook our friends outside of the county. We are glad to have your support. I’d encourage you to help your own Democratic county party but I know many of you are excited about what Democrats are doing in Pike County. We’d love to have your help. Please feel free to donate.

With your help, we can make a difference.

Don Brown — Chairman
The Democratic Party of Pike County