Letter to the Editor 12-18-13

On December 18th of 2013, the Pike County Journal Reporter printed my letter to the editor. In that it isn’t available on their web site, I’ve had several people ask me to publish it here. You will find it below. It is the original text — before it was edited by the Journal Reporter.

Was That a Threat?

In an editorial published on the December 11, 2013, Mr. Jim Nobles wrote the following:

“When it happens, Democrats better leave the U.S. for it’ll be open season on every Obama supporter.”

As with the rest of Mr. Nobles’ irate editorial, I’m not exactly sure what I should make of that statement. Is it some kind of threat?

If I’m following Mr. Nobles’ logic correctly…

Should his speculative nuclear attack on Israel by Iran actually occur, the appropriate response for me — a Democrat — would be to get out of town. Nay, I should “leave the U.S.”. I don’t think I shall, Mr. Nobles. Furthermore, in that I am indeed an Obama supporter, you should know that there won’t be any “open season” on me. Or any other Democrat.

I realize that inflammatory language sells newspapers but I must question the appropriateness of using a hunting metaphor when referring to people.

I notice the lack of similar advice (threats?) for Republicans. Perhaps Mr. Nobles is unaware that a Republican is responsible for Iran having a nuclear program? You can thank President Eisenhower and his “Atoms for Peace” program in 1957. In 1976 President Ford (another Republican) offered Iran a plant for extracting plutonium. Surely he remembers President Reagan’s Iran-Contra scandal. Why no “open season” on country-club Republicans, Mr. Nobles?

What do we think, Mr. Nobles? Come to one of our monthly meetings and we’ll tell you what we think. For now, know that we Democrats are here to stay.

Don Brown — Chairman
The Democratic Party of Pike County